10 Reasons Why a Travel in Africa will change yourself Forever

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Taking a pause from the daily diary of Cape Verde, I've decided today to talk about something that comes in my mind many times in the last weeks: how much the travel in Cape Verde changed me. Following these thoughts, I've decided to share everything here because as you know for me travelling is always a good idea, and more than ever, I think that travelling in Africa is really a good idea if you really don't like the life you are living.

Here you'll see some photos which represent the most powerful moments of that travel, moments that I really feel fixed in time and definitely in my heart, and with the photos, the 10 reasons for why (for me) a travel in Africa will change youself forever.

1. It wakes you up from your everyday life

When I say "it changed me", what I mean is that it really will wake you up, or better will give you an authentic re-born. As regards me, it really took  a part of myself that probably was asleep or just hidden under so much unuseless things and heavy thoughts. Sometimes our everyday life literally "takes us", I hate when it happens, and travellig always help us to make a stop, actually like italian do "take a pause". And to see an unsual reality like Africa, totally will wake you up from your everyday life.

2.It will show you a reality that you've never seen before

All around, I really remember, nothing. Nothing familiar, nothing that could come from a city, nothing that could come from 2014 anyway. Just grounds, brown and yellow grounds, mixed with stones. It's crazy if you started to think about, also exactly right now, while we're in front of our pc, people are walking in that sand, whatching that amazing sky, and for sure breathing a better air than us.

3.You'll understand that people with anything live actually like you 

When I say " live actually like you", it is exactly what I mean. They talk, laugh, cry, breath and think. They do the same! Without a city building near the discrict, or a crazy taxi which make bad sounds near them, but nevertheless, they live!

4.You will fill your heart of happiness that will be yours forever

You're so far from your everydaylife, probably from you're usual friends and you're family. You're living something that will stay in your heart forever. And more than everything, you're collecting happiness. A big big baggage of happiness that will help you, especially when you'll come back home, and you'll complain about you wi-fi that doesn't work or you boyfriend that doesn't answer to your call. But it will be a question of time. In a second, if you'll just move from your present, you'll be transported to that place, that times, when you saw an authentic feeling of happiness.

5.You will smile to someone that you've never seen again

Smiling is international, timeless and actually the most powerful things on earth. It could make you happy for a second, and moreover makes your day better. This magic stuff, becomes more amazing when you add to this, the power of photography. Smile make people happy, and if you take the photo in that moment, that happiness will be always yours. (And it could really make you everydaylife bettter if you print that photo).

6. Language is not a problem when you share feelings

Something that really was crazy for me, was how i found a way for comunicate with that people who didn't speak english anymore. I'm not talking about talking, but just sharing feelings. They smiled to me, and in a crazy unbelievable way reassure me, about my fears of the unknown and new. So immediatly i felt good, better, like they were my friends since always.

7.People that probably will never see an iphone in their life are more happy than you

Ok, this issue of the happiness really took me. I just couldn't find a way for realizing that all of that people were really (but really) happy with anything around. And their only aim of that afternoon was just to share all of that happiness with us! It always looks like a play in which you indeed, are the stupid one, and the others, are actually, the ones who discovered the secret of the life.

8.You'll feel yourself useless (or actually stupid)

Litterally useless. You start to travel with mind thinking that you wanted to help the people that you see around, that you wanted to bring them at home with you, but the truth is just that: you, man, with your expensive big camera with you, your iphone without conection and money in your backpack, right now are just useless. But it's not bad, because if you wanted to become usefull, just move, help them to take the water from the bore, or improve yourself cooking on a stone. They don't need your money, they need you. You just feel stupid, because probably you will start to feel sad and worried for all that people who are living in that situation. And you will feel stupid immediatly because you'll be worried about something that, as often doesn't exist. They are in front of you, and they're happy! You're worried about something that is not necessary, so you're actually a stupid!

9.You will understand that humans come from the same place

Inevitably, you will understand that "we are one". Even in that place forget from everybody, people live in the same way, probably feel the same feelings and live all together thinking and talking more or less like you. Children are playing, women are with their babies, men work for their family. Dogs are running and cats just going around. Doesn't matter the place, humans live in the same way.

10. Love has no boundaries

The best thing that you could realize in that situation is really that love has no boundaries. The love of a mother for her child, the smile of man for his wife, the smile of a kid for his puppy. And more than everything, the love that you feel between that people. They are friends, probably cousins, all together, without problems or bad attitude between each other. That was magic. That was the most powerful adventure in which i've seen Love.

So this was "La Mia Africa". If I close my eyes I still see myself there, becoming crazy, trying to understand the secrets of all of that happiness. I have the feeling that I will come back in Africa one day, I don't know when, I don't know with who (or probably yes), but I feel it.

If there's something that for sure Africa leaves to yourself is the need of come back. The need to make a change, to make your dreams true, and the great lesson of all is just this: Happiness is simple, love is simple. Often we complicate our life "just because", and so many time we forget "the point" of all of our sadness. For this, Africa will help you. And you will change.
Oh, a little detail I've not written about: You never come back (as the same you go).

So let's move, Africa is waiting for you! :)

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