Be Positive, Happiness is Everywhere (and Inside of you)

8:55 PM

Today is a simple but very special day for me, because since so much time (maybe since from my last trip) I decided to take a breathe, just giving me some time for myself.

It was an original monday, full of lessons in the morning and a very boring commitment do around  13:30, such a crazy time for me. So since this early morning I was annoyed just because I couldn't come back home for lunch. But the morning passed, and finally I finished all the things that I had to do around 14:30, so I decided to go into my special place in Bari: the Lungomare.
It's a place that I've always loved, especially in the sunny days, especially out of the summer time. So just for a case I passed in front of a Focacceria (a great place in Bari in which you can buy Focaccia, one of the best thing to eat in my city!), ad also just for a case there was a place for my car. So I ran to that place for buying focaccia, and immediately  came back to the car just for going to my beloved Lungomare.
The situation was amazing, the sun in the sky, a perfect weather, my delicious focaccia just for me, and the amazing smell of sea. Not so much cars around, just seagulls, and a great sense of happiness all around. Just for a case, an old man was passing near to me, and the magic of photography did the rest.
In that moment, I was feeling it: Happiness. Nothing actually changed around me, but I was so happy just in that moment, just for that little things that I had with me. And so, even if I wanted to go far away, even if so much things are not in the way that I would like, in that moment I felt that happiness. I don't know, maybe it was my sense of thankfull to all the things that happened to me in this year, but I'm so certain that that feelings were there.

So I just wanted to share with you this feelings, because I really think that, especially in the bad moments, think about the good things which happened to us, and being positive, are the keys for living better, enjoying every moment.

Have a good week!

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