Why Amarante (Portugal) is so Beautiful!

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Hi everybody!
Here we are finally again on The Nature Jotter! As some of know, i've been in Portugal this month, and even if now i'm at home in Italy, my mind and my heart are still in this beautiful place...Amarante! But why this city is so beautiful? Let's read here ( but moreover, as always look at the photos!)
So, let's take it by the start! I've been in this beautiful place, because i've done an interational experience called "Another World Is Possible", an international workcamp with almost 30 guys from all over the world, based on biological agriculture and practical work, but I will talk about this experience in the next posts! Now i wanted to share with you the best thing of this amazing experiece: Amarante. (Or in particoular, what was the best thing for me!)
As you'll see from these photos the great thing that this city could offers to you is (as always for me!): Nature. Nature is everywhere, coulors are everywhere, and you can enjoy it even just walking among the principal street. Thanks to the Rio Tamega, you can see in every moment of the day different coulors, which will give to you a great sense of happiness and peace. In some moment the river is so quiet, and everything looks like a true postcard from an unknow time. Everything is green and so full of autenticy, so if you'll go in the north of the Portugal, you can lose to visit this city!
As always, i won't give to you practical information in this post (they will arrive soon!), i just wanted to let you know thought photos how beautiful it is, hoping to sharing my emotions with you! 
So are you ready for a real walk among the river? Let's go! 

So why is so beautiful? I think the most reason could be... because there it's all about Nature! 
See you soon,

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  1. Wow, I was ready and very pleased, what fun from here, I can imagine how beautiful in real life it must be too!

  2. Nice post, and so beautifull pics, Amarante is a cool little city :)

    1. Yeah you're totally right! I miss that place so much! :)

  3. pictures!!...and nice photography..would you mind telling me what camera u use??