Change The Life Of Someone and Vote for Vodafone #first !

11:32 PM

Hi everybody!
Here we are with a new post directly from Portugal! But during the time that I’m spending here (with all of the photos that I’m taking of this beautiful country) I wanted to let you know some news about the Vodafone campaign: #first
Here a photo of one of my last travel, a great place that i've seen for the first time, Positano!

You know how I’m really interested about this campaign, because as you can see in onethe latest post, the first times always make me happy! This time, I’ll show you the directly link for voting all of the first that all the people around the world did and I hope that you’ll enjoy! 
Here you can read about, and I hope that you’ll like the post, and most of all, you could have to choose your best experience and vote it!

And you, what was the last time you did something for the first time? :)

See you soon,
greetings from Portugal!  :)

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