My #First Experience: Riding A Horse

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Hi everybody!
Today, we're gonna talk about something special: The First Times. I'm talking about first times, because the new Vodafone campaing in based on #first, so when they asked me to talk about something that i've never tryed before, i decided to talk about my last first experiece, and about all the emotions that a first could let into you.... enjoy the post! :)

Everybody knows: first times are always difficult.

The unknown always makes you lost, and most of the times the emotions of a first will get you up, putting you in front of someone that you maybe think to know, someone who you will know into a way in which you have never seen before: yourself.
 From the first breathe we’re scared, disrupted, and full of fear, it is “the first-first time” of our life, and we really don’t know what we have to do, but we…just do it. It’s so difficult, it’s crazy, but everybody of us did it, and if we’re reading these words right now, we did that first it into a correct, unbelievable, so unknown and so… (Natural!) perfect way. Probably, if someone asked to us to do it, analyzing all the risks and the possible complications, maybe a big part of us preferred to not do it, choosing to stay in the situation in which we were, not knowing that, the consequence of the crossing of that fear, could put us in the big mystery of human being: Life.

All my readers know, this year was really the year of my firsts, and mixed for all of those firsts, I have done something very simple that I have never tried before: riding a horse.
It was an amazing experience, I was in the middle of The Italian Natural Park of Sila, and it was an afternoon in the middle of the summer, with a perfect weather and a so emotional sunset.

First of all, we arrived at the riding school. It was a landscape fixed in time, away from connection and technology, with a very very big green lawn, with quite green hills lost in their horizon, full of peace and relax. I perfectly remember that moment, I was looking at the location when a very tan man with a big hat asked me if I’ve never been on an horse, and when with a confusion face I said “Ehm…no!” he immediately takes me near a very big white horse. He said to me, “Don’t worry girl, this is a quite horse who really wanted to enjoy you, he is called “Gioiello!”
I have to admit, I was so scared, thinking about the fact that I had to go on that big animal! My scares, was about the fact that I had to walk among something that I couldn’t control, even if I perfectly knew that was a way in which men travelled from always! I was totally alone with this so amazing beauty of nature, observing his face and his eyes. Like it was a normal thing, I started to stroke his mane and I heard myself talking with him, almost like a friend with who I had to share an amazing experience. I felt all the adrenaline flows in my body with an inexplicable big smile on my face.
Put your feet on that clasp” said the countryman, and in two second, I was really on the horse! I can’t believe in myself, I was so scared, a lot of strange feelings crossed myself, and I felt all of my body stuck in that position, and just for a few seconds I closed my eyes, and in that seconds I really wanted to get off by that wild animal and put my feet on the certain ground.

The man saw my face and started to laugh: “Come on girl, it’s everything ok, you’re a Princess now!”  I started to laugh, because it was very funny, but immediately I realized that true: one of my big dream of childhood was becoming true: I was on a withe horse in the middle of the wood!
In a minute, the funny man, took his brown horse, and started to talk about the directory of the movements that we had to do for started the riding. It really looked like something very natural and perfect; the man talked and I followed his instruction, and in a minute, we were in the lawn riding toward the horizon.
I really fixed that moment in my mind, in my secret box of best memories; I was really away from everybody and everything.
The best thing was that all of the just passed moments of scare and fear, went away, and all the adrenaline leave space to happiness and joy. I perfectly remember the relax of that two hours: all the trees around, the sounds of the birds, the perfect summer air, everything mixed with all the nature around, sawing my though hanging in that atmosphere. All of this, crowned by the perfect natural rhythm of my horse.

The afternoon goes and in two hours, we were again into the riding school. I perfectly remember my sadness when I said goodbye to my friend “Gioiello”, and when I went in front of him, I felt his eyes that were saying to me: “Goodbye princess Barbara!” Maybe it was fantasy, but on the other hand, in that afternoon I come back child, so it was really my feelings!

I think that a “first time” is always a good idea, and when Vodafone asked to me to talk about a first experience, I immediately choose to talk about this.

As I said, this year was a year full of firsts (my Africa experience, travelling alone, going away from Europe), but I decided to talk about this, because I really think that the firsts that you can make into the Nature, are the bests, and the greatest that you can do! As if that were not enough, often they are really near to your everyday life and you really can feel yourself more live than ever.
I think that these #first campaign by Vodafone, it’s really emotional and perfect for our times, because people sometimes forget to make a stop and take a decision to do something different as their usual things.

Vodafone wants us to become more interesting, braver, but most of all more live! I’m totally agree with this, and most of all I’m certain that if you’ll do something for the first time, you’ll be totally agree with all of these! Make yourself at prove, put your feelings near your limits and the results will be always full of emotions. Just do it, put your fear away, and as a scout quote says: “Put your heart over the obstacle and follow its run!

Enjoy other great #first experience from people all around the world here, and if you have one that you wanted to share, check here!
Trust me, firsts could change you, maybe could change your life… who knows!

So, move from that chair and do something! You don’t have to think a lot, just answer to this question:
“What was the last time you did something for the first time?”


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  1. Ciao Barbara...bellissima la tua #first, andare a cavallo nel meraviglioso parco della Sila deve essere splendido!! Felice di averti "conosciuta", e grazie di essere passata a commentare la nostra first!! un bacione